Sims Pacific Metals Is
Now Sims Metal

Same People. Same Great Prices. Same Fantastic Service.

Sims Pacific Metals Is Now Sims Metal

From July 1st Sims Pacific Metals formally became Sims Metal.
Although we will have a different name, the operation of our business and the people within it will stay the same. We are the same company, with the same people and the same commitment to providing excellent service in everything we do.

Our mission statement is: To create a world without waste to preserve our planet.

We want to play an integral role in the circular economy by keeping resources in use for as long as possible for a more sustainable future. As a responsible corporate citizen, we continuously seek new ways to broaden our participation in the environmental sector and make resources available for future use.

Below are some answers to some of the questions you may have around our transition from Sims Pacific Metals to Sims Metal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The name Sims Metal is a result of new branding for the wider Sims Metal group.  We will also be updating our visual identity to match our new name and brand.  Our website will change to this new look from July 1st 2021.
Nothing changes.  We still have 9 sites around the country from Auckland to Invercargill. You can still get paid to recycle your scrap metal and we still provide scrap metal collection, drop off and bin services.

The Sims Metal phone number is 0800 226 626.  You can find your local scrap metal recycling branches contact details on our contact us page

Sims Metal has 9 sites around New Zealand where you can recycle your scrap metal.  These are the same sites we had when we were Sims Pacific Metals.  There may still be Sims Pacific Metals signs out front of some locations for a while. 

Some of our trucks, bins, building and equipment will likely still have Sims Pacific Metals written on the signage etc.  We will gradually be changing this to Sims Metal.

If you have any further questions around our change from Sims Pacific Metals to Sims Metal, please call us on 0800 226 626.