Health And Safety

Looking To Sell Your Scrap Metal?

Your Partner For Safer, More Efficient Recycling Nationwide

Sims Metal (formerly know as Sims Pacific Metals) is committed to its local communities. First and foremost the company is committed to assured Health and Safety for every employee, customer, visitor or neighbour. The company continues to invest heavily in effective safety management systems with dedicated and committed staff whose roles are to ensure safe work practices. We proactively mitigate the inherent risks and have the strongest safety and environmental practices in the metal recycling industry in New Zealand.

In addition, we actively work with local and national authorities to promote recycling. Recently, we have been at the forefront in making submissions to the Waste Minimisation Bill. We are best placed to provide deep understanding of the industry as well as the financial, environmental, social and political impacts of scrap recycling. We are the partner to ensure that your business has the most robust, safe and efficient scrap metal collection that provides the highest yield and the utmost accountability. 

Safety Requirements When Visiting Our Sites:

Photo ID Required

Please bring photo identification. It is a requirement for us to keep a record of all purchases through the Second Hand Dealer and Pawnbrokers ACT.

Covered Footwear

Please wear covered footwear. We supply PPE gear when on site, however, please come with covered and filled in footwear.