Scrap Metal PickUp

Get Paid For Your Scrap Metal

Scrap Pick-Up

If you have larger volumes of scrap metal that need picking up, we can send a truck out to load and recycle for you.  
You might have long roofing iron, machinery or old vehicles for recycling.
Wherever you are, we can pick it up. Your scrap can be collected by a self-loading vehicle or a truck and crane for bigger items.
For anything really big we can send in a team to cut it up and take it away.

Click here for more information on our bin services.

How Much Scrap Metal Do You Have?

Less Than Two Trailers

Click here if you have less than two trailer loads worth of scrap metal.

More Than Two Trailers

Click here if you have more than two trailer loads worth of scrap metal.

Send The Crane!

Click here when you have a heap of scrap metal and need us to send in the heavy duty equipment!

Scrap Metal Drop Off

Less Than Two Car Trailers Worth Of Scrap Metal

If you have scrap metal but could probably fit it on a couple of trailers yourself, bring it into one of our friendly sites.  Our team will weigh your trailer, help you safely unload it and then get you paid on the spot.  If you are not sure how much scrap metal you have, give one of our team a call on 0800 22 66 26.

If you have more than two trailer loads of scrap metal, then scroll down the page to find the pickup service that suits you. 

More Than 2 Car Trailers Worth Of Scrap Metal

If you have more than two trailers worth of scrap, give us a call and one of our team can discuss what pickup option will be most suitable for you.  We have nine branches across the country so we are never too far away.
Sell Your Scrap Metal with Sims Metal New Zealand
Sims Metal has 9 drop off Locations

Send The Crane!

If you have a large amount of scrap that will be too big or heavy for a self-loader, give us a call and we can discuss the safest and most practical option to come and collect it and get you paid.  We have a national fleet of trucks and the safest systems and processes and can organise cranes and mobile equipment to come and pick up just about anything. 

For really bulky, awkward or heavy items, for example, a water tank or old mining equipment, we can send in a team to cut it up into smaller pieces first so it can fit whichever truck is best suited to take it away.

Our Commitment To Safety

Sims Pacific Metals is committed to its local communities. First and foremost the company is committed to assured Health and Safety for every employee, customer, visitor or neighbour. The company continues to invest heavily in effective safety management systems with dedicated and committed staff whose roles are to ensure safe work practices. We proactively manage the inherent risks and have the strongest safety and environmental practices in the metal recycling industry in New Zealand.