Frequently Asked Questions

We Buy All Types Of Scrap Metal

Safety Requirements When Visiting Our Sites:

Photo ID Required

Please bring photo identification. It is a requirement for us to keep a record of all purchases through the Second Hand Dealer and Pawnbrokers ACT.

Covered Footwear

Please wear covered footwear. We supply PPE gear when on site, however, please come with covered and filled in footwear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any item that mostly contains metal and doesn’t include anything on our list of prohibited items which you can view here.

Any item that contains mostly non-metal or would be difficult to separate out the metal from non-metal, e.g. concrete filled posts. Please talk to one of our representatives if you are not sure.

Please also refer to our list of prohibited items here.

Ferrous simply indicates the presence of iron which is the main component in steel. The easiest way to check is if it’s magnetic. Non-ferrous metals are not magnetic and are generally more valuable than ferrous.

No. Sims Metal (formerly Sims Pacific Metals) has sophisticated machinery which makes the job much easier than trying to do it yourself.

We can weigh it on site through certified scales and weighbridges at each of our 9 branches around New Zealand.  In some cases, we can also supply an onsite weighing facility which can come to you.  Speak to one of our friendly team to find out more.

Sims Metal has a range of options to suit everyone’s individual needs. This includes cash payments, electronic transfers or for certain customers instant transfer of funds using mobile banking.

Yes absolutely, we’d love to see you.

If you can’t bring it in then we have a range of options to collect the material. Our friendly team will work out the easiest and most efficient way so you get the most revenue. 

Sims Metal doesn’t charge a rental charge for bins.

We purchase all types of lead-acid batteries (normally 12v or 24v car or truck batteries).

We don’t purchase rechargeable batteries, these are a prohibited item and can be extremely dangerous so are strictly forbidden.

Yes. All fluids and oils must be drained prior to delivery or collection. We may also require a certificate of cleanliness if the item previously contained something hazardous just to make sure it’s safe for our team to handle it.

Yes, but they must be drained of all fluids and oils, the battery removed, any LPG tank removed, and in some circumstances proof of de-registration.

Yes please.  Please call us if you need further information on this.

Yes, they can. There are some specific requirements we need to ensure first though, for example, no individual piece is too heavy (for heavier items we can arrange a crane to assist with loading), there is enough space, the ground is flat and no overhead power lines.
Yes, we do. Sims Metal has 9 branches throughout NZ. For a list of locations please click here.

Unfortunately we don’t recycle tyres.

We do under strict conditions. They must be empty, the valve removed and a punctured hole. These can be extremely dangerous to our people.

Yes, we do and on a regular basis. There aren’t many places in NZ we can’t service.

Yes, we do. We often send our team offsite to help process larger items to make it easier to service/recycle the material. We can do this for items from only a few tonnes to hundreds of tonnes, while always applying our strict safety management policies to ensure everyone goes home safely.

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