Sims Metal Has Moved To 100% Renewable Electricity

Sims Metal Renewable Electricity

Sims Metal has moved to 100% renewable Electricity.  We play a key role in New Zealand’s circular economy, with 9 sites providing metal and electronics recycling to consumers, businesses, governments and communities across the country.  Now, we’ll be delivering these circular outcomes that reduce waste and show our support for renewable energy generation! As of […]

Sims Metal New Zealand Sleeve Loader

The sleeve loader provides a way to reduce steps in the loading process of metals – from the Sims Metal yards into containers for shipping – by simply loading the material and, with the push of a button, transferring it into the container with no personal contact or container damages. Traditionally, this loading process is […]

Get Paid For Your Trade Scrap Metal

What Tradie Scrap Metals Do We Accept? We pay cash for trade scrap metal.   If you work as a tradesperson and use metal, then we can pay you cash for any scrap metal you accumulate as part of the job including metal offcuts, metal shavings, wire clippings,  old sheets, copper pipe, corrugated iron, kitchen […]

Metal recycling across New Zealand

It Pays To Recycle Sims Metal New Zealand is one of the world’s leading publicly listed metal recycling companies.  We care about our country, our people and our the role metals play in a sustainable future. Recycling used scrap metals, instead of throwing them away, not only enables us to preserve our natural resources, but […]

How to get cash for your scrap metal in 4 easy steps

Did You Know You Can Get Cash For Your Scrap Metal? Metal plays such an important part in our society and is used in nearly every way in our day to day lives.  What a lot of people don’t realise though is that it pays to recycle your scrap metal – literally.  That’s right, by […]